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Why Leetcode Is Most Efficient – A Beginner’s Guide 

  • June 8, 2022
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Why Leetcode Is Most Efficient – A Beginner’s Guide 

LeetCode is an excellent resource for sharpening your programming abilities in advance of large tech interviews. However, I believe LeetCode falls short of adequately educating individuals to land their desired job because recruiters are searching for much more than simply good coders. You can explore LeetCode Promo Codes to get more information.

LeetCode is an online platform designed especially to help out software engineers and provides opportunities for interviews with the top reputed companies. You can get database get numerous coding problems here. Every code will be well described and modified with a hard, medium and easy classification. Here are some of the Online Courses which is available by the LeetCode:

  • Data structure
  • Algorithms
  • Linked lists
  • Brainstorming
  • Binary search trees
  • Data structure
  • Bit manipulation
  • Queue 
  • Graphs
  • Mathematics 
  • Array
  • Conquer and divide 
  • Dynamic programming

Why is LeetCode famous

Basically, it is an online learning community that displays Coder Courses Online and unlimited coding problems with the easy, medium and hard categories. But sometimes, lots of people may have a question: is LeetCode best for the preparation of interviews? So let’s take a concise look at some of the pros and cons of LeetCode.  


  • It gives opportunities for coding questions at a wide range. Some of them display in interviews. 
  • It may support the use of different programming languages.
  • It has an active and large community that gives opportunity to the use there connect with other developers. 


  • LeetCode mostly assesses your capacity to work well under duress.
  • LeetCode’s trivia-style coding questions do not correctly reflect the kind of challenges you’ll face as an engineer.
  • LeetCode will not prepare you for serious situations such as the behavioral interview.

Several LeetCode questions support a variety of programming languages. You may, however, do so in the future. Most LeetCode questions accept various programming languages, so you may answer them in the languages you’re most comfortable with and avoid having to learn new ones.

These programming courses online languages are presently supported by LeetCode:

Swift, Go, C++, Scala, MySQL, C#, C, Ruby, Python3, JavaScript, MS SQL, Rust, Java, Oracle, Rust, Kotlin, PHP, Bash Python.

Community Discussions

The LeetCode community is its most important asset, aside from the coding difficulties themselves. It’s the most talked-about topic among users, and it’s a terrific way to gain insight into how others solve difficulties and learn from their errors.

The LeetCode community discussion board has a few threads. There are also separate forums for topics like Pay in the LeetCode community, where you can submit your compensation package—including stock options, signing bonuses, and everything else—and get suggestions and criticism from the community.

LeetCode Premium Membership

LeetCode Premium is a premium subscription that costs $35 a month or $159 a year. Premium solutions and problems, as well as interview simulations and a built-in debugger, are available to users. Some of the issues that LeetCode Premium gives you the opportunity to address.

One feature of LeetCode Premium that I especially appreciate is the ability to target certain firms. You can select just mock interviews and see questions pertaining to Facebook’s coding interviews if you’re preparing for a forthcoming interview with Facebook. This feature’s data is gathered from the public and is generally correct.

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