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What to Look For in a Good TV Plan?

  • February 23, 2022
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What to Look For in a Good TV Plan?

TV plans can be quite tricky and difficult to understand. Why would you want so many channels? Why can’t you just get the 10-20 channels you want instead of hundreds of channels? Why should you care for the connection? Do you absolutely need to get an internet + TV bundle? Can’t you just get a TV service separately? Too many questions and not enough answers.

If that is how you feel, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, in this article, we plan to answer all your questions about TV plans and help you choose the best TV plan according to your requirements. So, without delay, let’s get to the main point!

Types of TV Service Providers

First things first, you will need to check the connection types being provided by the service providers in your area. The type of TV connection plays a huge role in determining the speed, reliability, and security of your TV and possibly internet signals as well. So, let’s look at the types of TV connections.

Cable TV

A cable connection is possibly the most common type of connection as it is readily available in a lot of areas and is pretty reliable and secure as well. There is a range of speeds offered by service providers and overall, the speeds provided with a cable connection are moderate. You can easily find multiple service providers that offer a cable connection for TV services.

Satellite TV

A satellite TV connection has been around for quite some time and is an old classic. The speeds of this connection may not be the best but with the recent increase in technology, speeds have become significantly better. The reliability of this connection type is not guaranteed and differs depending on certain conditions. You can find service providers offering this type of connection somewhat easily as it is common as well.

Streaming TV

Some service providers offer services such as streaming TV, which delivers TV channels via the internet. There are fewer channels provided in these service packages and the speed and reliability depend on your internet speed and reliability.

Fiber-optic TV

Fiber-optic services are pretty rare as of yet. The reason for that is laying fiber-optic lines in homes is expensive. So, while they are still relatively new, they have been known to be extremely fast and reliable. It is possibly the best connection for your internet and TV needs. However, you will need to check its availability in your area and you should also expect it to be expensive.

Things to Look For in a TV Service Provider

So, now that we’re done with the types of connections for TV, next are the benefits that need to be checked in a TV plan before subscribing to one. Here they are:

Channel Lineup

Checking the channel line-up for any TV plan is necessary as it helps you determine if the price is worth it. There is a high possibility that you, at most, watch only 10-15 channels from the complete line-up, but it doesn’t mean you can subscribe to only those 10-15 channels. TV plans usually offer channels over 50 and sometimes, even over 100 in their cheapest plans. So, that means you can easily get over 150 to 200 channels in a better plan. For example, WOW! TV plans offer 80+, 130+, and 160+ channels in its Small Cable, Medium Cable, and Large Cable respectively.

More than the number of channels being offered, you should look out for the channels themselves. What kinds of channels are they and do they meet your needs and requirements? Do you need to add any premium channels and if so, which ones are being offered? These things need to be checked so that you can know if you need to pay an additional amount for any more channels.


Availability is naturally something that requires checking as you can’t really subscribe to a service provider if they are not available in your area. As to how you can check if a service provider is available in your area, you can do so by going to the service provider’s website and entering your ZIP code to check area-wise.

Bundles, Plans, and Packages

Checking for a variety of bundles, packages, and plans is essential as you can discover if there are any money-saving bundles or anything of that sort that can help you out. Moreover, if you plan on getting internet services as well, you can just do so in one go from the same service provider. Not only will this save you time, but you can even save money, as long as the service provider is offering you that option. You can also get some added benefits in packages that you might not get separately, like anti-virus software, free modem and/or router, 30 days money-back guarantee, and so much more.

Equipment and Installation Fees

Equipment and installation are, of course, a must and cannot be skipped or overlooked. Depending on the type of connection, the equipment and installation fees will vary. Some service providers might even provide discounts on or free installation and/or equipment. This completely depends on the service provider so you should always consult with the customer service representative before subscribing.

Pricing Plans

The pricing plan for the service provider’s TV plans is very important. If you can’t afford the plan, then there really isn’t any use in looking into other features and benefits of the plan. So, you will have to make sure that the plan you select is within your budget before delving deeper into the details. You will also have to check if the pricing advertised on the website is the actual price of the services or just the promotional prices that are there only for a short duration. If the actual price of the plan is within your budgetary requirements, you’re good to go. Don’t forget to add in the costs of installation and equipment.

Qualities of a Good TV Service Provider

Customer Service

Customer service for any company in any industry is very important. How fast is the response rate after filing a complaint and how quickly does it get resolved? These are the things that you can find out through reviews and by asking around in your area.

Data Caps

Having data caps on their plans does not make the service provider a bad one, but it should be in your knowledge. If you surpass your data limit, you should know what is the overage fee for it to help you decide better whether to go for that service provider or not. Moreover, there are some service providers that do not have any data caps on some or all of their plans. Naturally, these service providers are more highly preferred, but you should know that they have the price to match for it as well.

Contracts or Monthly?

Service providers can offer their services through a contract or just monthly fees. Contracts come with an early termination fee and they also have long durations like one to two years. While this may not be a problem for some people, others do not like to think about the early termination fee in case they need to cancel the subscription. So, you will need to make a choice accordingly.

The Ending Note

Ending this article, we have discussed the types of TV service providers and the things to look out for in a service provider. Lastly, we have also talked about the qualities of a good service provider. With this knowledge and checklist, you are sure to find a good service provider with a suitable TV plan for you. So, go on and look for the right service provider in your area today!

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