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What it managed services can i outsource?

  • August 10, 2022
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What it managed services can i outsource?

It support services should be more than just a help desk. The right managed services provider will provide business intelligence to help you run better – and technology plans to scale your infrastructure as you grow.

It is important to find a managed services provider that offers a full range of services, including technical support, security, compliance, performance monitoring and business intelligence. Even if you don’t need all of these services to begin with, it’s better to choose an msp that can increase its revenue as your business grows.

A good managed service provider will provider

Security monitoring it is important to protect your business from risk, by meeting the latest requirements around issues such as cyber security and gdr compliance. Make sure that your managed it service supports encrypted systems, provides firewall protection, and can adjust its support to your company policies and business goals, in order to provide complete security coverage.

Round-the-clock support services technical glitches can happen at any time, and many msps offer the option of getting 24/7 technical monitoring and support. In any case, system maintenance, updates and backups can be scheduled outside of peak business hours to ensure the day-to-day running of your business.

Strategic management and support an external partner should provide you with a comprehensive business analysis as standard, providing complete strategic planning and risk management to evaluate and optimize your it infrastructure.

Leading-edge msps use sophisticated business visualization tools to compare your technical capabilities against industry standards, creating transparent and comprehensive support services that show how your it is doing, know where resources are most focused, and help with future budgeting and growth.

In addition, some msps will be able to provide you with the services of a part-time chief information officer (cio), who can provide ongoing guidance at the board level, and/or step-in to help with business transformation projects.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing?

It managed services have their pros and cons – it’s up to you to weigh them up to decide if the benefits of the initiative outweigh any potential downsides.


  • Cost-effective – outsourcing is cheaper than hiring an in-house it person, and can be available outside of normal office hours if 24/7 support options are needed.


  • Technical resources – you get access to highly trained people on the latest technology, who understand the latest products and developments to optimize your technology. It is also up-to-date on legal and compliance requirements


  • Full accountability – outsourcers take your technology risk; it’s their job to keep you up-and-running, and to respond to any problems as quickly as possible


  • No more burdensome staff – your employees don’t have to take on it responsibilities. They can focus on existing jobs, which increase their productivity, happiness and loyalty



  • Transferring data to others – there is always a small risk when someone else stores your data, but a good provider has the industry expertise and security measures in place to minimize the risk.


  • Infrastructure control – a small minority of providers use outsourcing as an excuse to sell their own proprietary software. However, most will work with the platforms you already have, only recommending appropriate upgrades


  • Outsourcing complex it tasks – simple infrastructure is easy to give to providers, but with complex set-ups you need to take your time to find the right provider, who will be easy to work with and add value to your tasks.

How do I choose the right managed services provider (msp)?

We’ve shown you how to outsource your it support – and the potential constraints. But you will only enjoy the full benefits if you find the most suitable moving service for your needs.

To guide you in the right direction, here are some questions to ask the list of it managed it service providers you are considering:

What services do you offer?

We have previously talked about the types of t support that can be outsourced, from security maintenance to system maintenance, service provision and system development. Understand the scope of each provider, even if you’re only looking for one of these services to begin with (you never know when you’ll need the rest).

What is your track record?

Some msps are good at troubleshooting, but they won’t help you get the most out of your it network. Find a provider that offers the fastest service, find ways to increase performance speed and reliability, and find the latest products and upgrades to keep your business running at the edge.

When is your support desk open?

It issues can happen at any time, so ideally you want to connect with a provider that offers 24/7 support – and make sure you check if this comes as standard, or if you should opt for it as an additional service desk option.

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