March 21, 2023
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What is Adtech? Artificial Intelligence for Advertising and Marketing

  • July 21, 2022
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What is Adtech? Artificial Intelligence for Advertising and Marketing

Technology and advertising communications are beginning to work together more and more. Users are spending more and more time on their phones, tablets, and computers, which is changing how marketing is done. So it’s hard for brands to connect with customers in real time through these devices.

One of the challenges is making campaigns that work on social networks, display advertising, and e-commerce. In this way, the word “Adtech” (which stands for “advertising technology”) has become more well-known. So what is adtech?


It has to do with advertising technology, which is made up of a number of digital tools used in this business. Or, to put it more simply, the platforms are used to buy and sell ad space, manage and develop creative content, automate tasks, etc.

Ad tech is often about the large and complicated systems that are used to target advertising to specific people and groups.

About tools and how to use them

Usually, a company tries to find links between an advertiser and a specific group of people. In order to do this, the company uses analytics systems, tools, and smart budget management.

In this way, ad tech solutions include tools for managing social media like Hootsuite, omnichannel demand-side platforms like MediaMath, and marketing clouds like Adobe.

Digital display ads and other forms of advertising are part of advertising technology. In addition, there are back-end systems that help advertisers reach the right people. This can include marketing platforms and full analytics systems, which are the “smart engines” of digital ad campaigns.

In general, the technology used for advertising is getting better. It may even be getting more respect in the IT industry as a whole. Because they can raise brand awareness, ad tech companies are at their best right now.

Lastly, digital changes in advertising are making it clear that ad tech is important for businesses of any size. Since it’s “doomed” to change, it’s a field that should be embraced to keep moving forward.

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