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Use AdWords to promote YouTube channel – How and Tips

  • April 4, 2022
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Use AdWords to promote YouTube channel – How and Tips


Is your YouTube channel growing very slowly or not reaching the stats you want? Then use AdWords to promote YouTube channel is a good solution for you. Google Ads provides you with effective ways to reach users, your video or channel will appear to users in many different ways. 

But you don’t know how to promote your YouTube channel with Google Ads? Or how to manage advertising data effectively? You can use Ads Can Help’s YouTube promotion services or start to find out about it with Ads Can Help in this article. 

Why do you need to promote YouTube channel with Google Ads?

Except for Google, YouTube is the platform with the second largest number of searchers. Every month, YouTube has over 3 billion searches and over 2 billion active users. And to this day, YouTube is still the largest video-sharing platform in the world.

With such a large platform, being able to appear to users is already a huge advantage. Getting your video or channel visible to users is a way of competing directly with your competitors and other YouTube content creators. Imagine this, the user may not care about your topic, but when your video appears attractive enough to the user, he or she may be curious about your content. 

And Google Ads can help you with this. With AdWords, your YouTube video or your channel will be promoted to your target audience. In addition, you can also choose how you will appear to the audience in a variety of ways. That’s why nowadays to develop a YouTube channel, many people use AdWords to promote YouTube channel. If you use your YouTube channel for business purposes, then the answer to the question: “Should I use Google Ads to promote youtube videos?” is yes, TOTALLY YES. Remember that in business, there is always an investment.

How to promote your youtube channel with Google Ads

Open YouTube Studio

In the top right corner of YouTube’s Home page, click your channel avatar. When the Menu appears, select “YouTube Studio“. 

Choose a video to promote with Google Ads

Now you are in YouTube Studio. Choose tab “Content” in the left sidebar, you will see a list of your YouTube video. Select the video you want to promote with Google Ads. Click on the three-dot icon right next to that video to open the “Option” menu for that video. Then click on “Promote” on that menu.

You will now be redirected to Google Ads in the new tab. You will now be asked by Google to sign in to your existing account or create a new one. Once logged in to Google Ads, click the “Get Started” button. 

Customize how your Ads appear

The first step is setting the way your video appears as an ad.

You can choose your video will automatically play before, during, or after other YouTube videos. Under this selection, your video will appear as an autoplay video, and you can add a URL link if a user clicks on your video. 

Or you can choose your video will appear as a thumbnail next to related videos or on YouTube’s homepage. In this way, you need to choose how your promotion looks like with a thumbnail, you also need to add the title and description for that. Because had a limit for title and description, write down the most valuable words.

Set Ads Locations and Languages

This part will simply add the location and language of the audience you want to market your video to.

The best of this part is a right sidebar, on this tab, YouTube will show you some stats about your promotion, like the advert’s weekly performance, impressions, views, and average cost-per-view.

Choose basic information of your Ad’s target audience

Next, you will have to set up the basic demographics of the audience you want to reach through your ad. Including:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Parental Status

Just tick on the box to choose the below information for your Ad’s target audience. 

Provide information about specific interests of audience

This part is a bit more complicated than the previous one. In this section, you will focus on adding more specific information about the users you want to target. Visit avple to get knowledge how to download free videos.

What is your audience interested in? Or what kind of content is your audience looking for? Those are the questions you must be able to answer at this step.

Why care about this? You can’t advertise fast food content to vegetarians, let’s keep it simple through that example. So find the right target for your ad carefully.

Choose daily budget and payments

And of course, to use Google Ads you have to pay, but luckily you can customize the amount of money spent per day.

You just need to enter the cost that you are willing to spend per day, and the system will automatically calculate the expected result for your ad with the amount of money you spend. 

If above, you chose your ad to appear as a video, you will only have to pay every time someone watches over 30 seconds of your ad video, or when they click on your ad. 

If your ad is a Thumbnail, then you will have to pay every time someone clicks on your thumbnail ad. And when you reach the amount you spend on ads every day, the ads will automatically stop for that day.

Review your Ad and choose duration

At this step, you will be able to see once again the overview of the ad you just installed. If you are satisfied with all the information then you can simply submit your ad. And done! If there is any information that still makes you feel that you need to edit it, you can also edit it at this step. 

And finally, to complete the whole process, you need to add the necessary information about the payment method for your ads. Once you have completed the information in the payment section, your ad will start being executed by YouTube immediately. 

Those are the steps for you to start to use AdWords to promote YouTube channel. 

Tip and trick for using Google Ads to promote youtube video

Set Ad’s goals

I think you wouldn’t spend a fortune on YouTube ads just for fun, would you? Sure, running ads on YouTube revolves around helping your channel reach more viewers on YouTube. But of course, the question here is how it is developed? What do your ads focus on? And What are its goals after all of this? So what you need to do to promote YouTube video with google ads is to set a specific goal for that ad campaign. 

Start listing all of the goals you want to your ads focus on, what do you want to reach, and after ads, how your channel grows. The more specific these goals are, the easier it will be for you to control your ads. You can build this list following SMART’s paradigm.

Creative in advertising

Most people don’t like to see ads, understandably, it annoys people when they are watching their videos. Everyone knows the feeling of being immersed in your favorite song and then being interrupted by an advertisement. 

But the problem here is how to make your promotional video interesting, or at least people will not find it annoying to them. 

If your ad is in the form of a video, make it engaging from the first seconds the ad starts playing. You can add catchy background music to the video, or use interesting images to keep them watching it.

Vice versa, if you choose your ad to show as a thumbnail. You can optimize the display of the video with an interesting thumbnail, the title and description also make people look at it and want to click on it to find out. 

Manage your advertising costs

You are the owner of the promotion of your video or YouTube channel, so you must also be the one to control the cost of this advertising. 

Map out a reasonable spending schedule, you can’t be vague about any amount and hope that your ad will work effectively. Some people spend very little money but still succeed, and conversely, some people spend a huge amount of money without getting the expected results. 

Always keep track of the cost for each promotional video to have the appropriate cost change, as well as change the appropriate advertising content and audience.

Unbeknownst to you, if you don’t set an ad end time, YouTube ads will continue to work until your account is no longer able to pay. If you owe YouTube for advertising, chances are high that your Google account will be blocked from performing ads. This is very troublesome if you are a large business because it can affect your other advertising projects on Google. 

Have a target for Ads

Just like defining your ad objective above, your ad also needs to specifically target the people you want to market your ad to. You use an ad aimed at a well-described specific audience more effectively than an ad that targets all audiences.

As an example, it can be understood like this, it is easier for you to sell a wheelchair to a person with leg pain than to an ordinary person. Although the number of normal people is very large, and conversely, people with foot pain are very few. But the normal person simply does not need to use your wheelchair. In the same way, put your ad to people who need it. 

Ask yourself if the people I’m targeting above are interested in my ad? Or do they care about your content? 

Control the metrics of Ads

As mentioned above, your ad to be successful must have a specific audience and a specific goal. But to check how your ads are performing, check your ad campaign overview report through the AdWords dashboard.

The pros and the newbies in advertising on YouTube are differentiated by how they understand these advertising metrics. The data includes:

  • Views
  • View rate
  • Percentage View rate until 75%
  • Watch time
  • Engagement (Likes and Comments) 

These figures seem easy to understand, but what information to extract from this data is not what everyone can do. And it is even more difficult to change which parts of the ad to improve the metrics. This constant check of the parameters that Google Ads measures and reports to you, help you to timely grasp your advertising project on YouTube, helping you to avoid losses and costs in the process of the advertising program. 

Those are the things you need to pay attention to be able to best optimize for use AdWords to promote youtube channel.


Creating content is an essential element for a YouTube channel to go up, but that’s not all for your channel to become successful and famous. Use AdWords to promote YouTube channel makes your channel grow stronger than you ever imagined.

In the age of technological development, approaching and using modern methods will help you achieve success in your hands, and so will advertising on YouTube. So what are you waiting for without starting to develop your YouTube channel with Google Ads?

Hope this article helped you understand how to promote your YouTube channel through AdWords. See you soon in other useful articles. 

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