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Typical Bathroom Remodeling Trends

  • October 18, 2022
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Typical Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Bathroom remodeling styles come in a wide variety and are interesting. The bathroom is a vital space in any house. It usually establishes your particular preferences and the ambiance of the entire house. After years of being the only quiet hideaway in your home, your bathroom has been reduced to a place you use exclusively for its functional requirements. You leave after a little while. It is no longer as welcoming as it once was. Your house is discreetly losing its opulence, coziness, and style. So it stands to reason that you are considering renovating your bathroom. Renovate the area to give it a more contemporary, airy feel.

Home Can be Greatly Raised by a Fantastic Bathroom Remodel

The value of a home can be greatly raised by a fantastic bathroom remodel. Homes with better bathrooms typically sell for more money. This is a smart investment. Materials deteriorate, age, and wear out over time due to usage. Making repairs and adding a few new appealing pieces are both possible during a remodeling. Trends can cause some color schemes to go out of style, thus an update would be welcome. One of the most important arguments for bathroom renovations is to increase safety. Because numerous injuries occur there each year, you must keep the restroom extremely safe. A little more space is also preferred. Large bathrooms are particularly fashionable.

Popular Remodeling Choice

A popular remodeling choice is a traditional bathroom. Such a bathroom exudes a cozy atmosphere. To warm up a space, browns and other strong, soft colors are used. Instead of blinds, it is suggested that you use curtains. With a chest of drawers in the corner loaded with flowers, the bathroom remodel roswell ga will spring to life.

Similar to traditional styles, country-style bathrooms are popular but only fit certain types of houses. Shutters and floral curtains are favored. Wood is a major component of this design aesthetic. The other furnishings in the bathroom blends well with the wooden floors and rustic-colored tiles. The worn, organic aspect of the walls is achieved using sponge painting. Toilets should come with high level cisterns with draw chains as standard. Any bathtub that is freestanding will do. Chic wall lighting and basket storage complete this bathroom renovation theme.

Flair and Neglect

Shabby chic is a style that combines flair and neglect, and it can be difficult to pull off. A continental home would look fantastic with its robust design. The plumbing should be as durable as possible as it will not be disguised. Cast iron bathtubs, unusual accents, and vintage framed mirrors are all required for this bathroom renovation design. Space is the secret to a modern bathroom.

Given the limited area, it makes logical sense to have bathroom furniture made to order. Fitted bathrooms make the most of the space that is available by keeping the area clutter-free with vanities, drawers, and storage units. Utilized are parts for covert cisterns. Both walk-in showers and shower-baths are practical, while white construction is preferred to chrome for walk-in showers. Chrome and stainless steel create the theme, which can be accentuated with stylish blinds.

When Remodeling a Bathroom in a Fantasy Style

When remodeling a bathroom in a fantasy style, you may really use your creativity to its fullest extent. It encourages creativity and satisfies your whims. The area is unified by its wide open spaces and futuristic interior design. This design also works well with steam rooms coupled with whirlpool baths, as well as walk-in showers with modern tiling, chrome shower equipment, and tasteful lighting. Even a waterproof television set might be added for an extra sense of luxury. However, only bathroom remodeling marietta will be suitable for this bathroom renovation design.

These two instances involve remodels that don’t affect other areas of the building or increase the square footage. The value offered by remodeling the bathroom will differ if additional square footage is added or the living spaces are significantly altered.

Enhancing Your Home with Bathrooms

Your bathroom renovation will add the most value if it creates a bathroom that is not already required by the specifications of your house. Determining the proportion will depend on the project. Comparing building an expansion with a bathroom to existing square footage will provide different percentages.

The most profitable project when constructing a bathroom in an existing home is creating a master bathroom. Your home will be worth more and be simpler to sell because the majority of owners prefer the convenience of a dedicated bathroom. In fact, experts believe that this type of bathroom renovation offers the best value for your money. You can often expect to receive a 100% return on your remodeling investment. In other words, your home gains $1,000 in value for every $1,000 you invest on the remodel.


Even though it can be profitable to add a master bathroom to your current home, many families do not have the extra room. Because of this, building an addition with an additional bathroom is a popular substitute. Again, the best value for your renovation money is an addition that is a complete master bedroom and bathroom suite. However, adding a single bathroom alone can increase the value of your house by almost 96% of the initial investment. You may receive as much as a 100% return on your investment if you install a complete master suite to your home. If there isn’t a master suit on the current property, this is most likely.

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