March 21, 2023

Turbocharge IT Service Automation with PowerShell and Chatbot working as a Team 

  • June 7, 2022
  • 2 min read
Turbocharge IT Service Automation with PowerShell and Chatbot working as a Team 

Since its introduction in 2006 – PowerShell has been a staple of how IT Service Desk Agents have automated the routine and repetitive tasks to reduce the time spent per ticket. PowerShell combines the power of a command-line shell, with a scripting language and configuration management/automation capabilities. Given the ability to use PowerShell across Azure, AWS, VMWARE Windows, and other Microsoft Applications – there is no wonder that PowerShell continues to gain more traction as a powerful automation enabler for IT Service Desk Teams. 


With the advent of IT Helpdesk Bots and Chatbots built specifically for employee service – now there is a whole new wave of possibilities for leveraging PowerShell to drive more Self-Service Automation.  You can now provide users the ability to self-service by conversing with the chatbot – the chatbot in turn leverages the same power shell scripts your team has created for use by the human agents on your team 

The IT Service Desk automation possibilities of this new capability are immense – here are some examples to get started 

  • Self Service Software Installs 
  • Troubleshooting One Drive Issues 
  • Updating Drivers on a machine 
  • Adding Hardware/Application Details in Self Service Tickets 
  • Proactive performance alerts 
  • Self-service user provisioning and access 
  • Highly automated onboarding 

Rezolve.ai platform now provides this capability fully out of the box as part of a new “End Point Automation” module. End Point automation is designed to connect – User Devices + Power Shell Script + IT Helpdesk Chatbot + Ticketing/ITSM platforms in one seamless harmonious automation juggernaut. Users can initiate all manners of self-service – right in Microsoft Teams and Slack using the Helpdesk Bot. The helpdesk chatbot in turn can leverage all of the PowerShell goodness that you and your IT Support Team already know and use. 

What follows is instant, amazing, magical IT Support – that your users are sure to love! 

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