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Top 7 things you should know Before purchasing a beach home in Belize

  • May 20, 2023
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Top 7 things you should know Before purchasing a beach home in Belize

Many people consider it a lifelong goal to one day purchase a beachfront property in Belize, and with good reason. There is nothing that could possibly be more peaceful than waking up to the clear blue waves of the Caribbean while holding a hot cup of coffee in one hand and watching the sunrise with the other.

If you are already imagining this, you should check the top 7 things to think about before purchasing a beach home in Belize Secret Beach Real Estate before you make any final decisions

  1. You can’t go swimming at all of the beaches

The magnificent barrier reef that runs the length of Belize is undoubtedly one of the country’s most enchanted natural features.  Because there is such a significant emphasis placed on the conservation of reefs, there are stringent restrictions that prohibit the removal of any kind of marine plant life.

Some of the beaches on ambergris caye are inaccessible to swimmers due to the presence of living sea grass, which is caused by the proximity of the reef to the coast, which is only about a quarter of a mile away.

Despite the fact that it is most frequently seen on ambergris, this is something that can be found all around Belize. In its place, many beachfront property owners opt to construct either a seawall or a dock that provides access to the water for swimming and fishing. Please be aware that in order to build a seawall or dock, you will need to first obtain the appropriate permits.

  1. Build raised

It is essential that you have an understanding of the storm surge and tides if you intend to build or buy a home on the beach or within a few rows of the coast in the near future.

Plan to construct your home at a higher level if you are going to do so. It is entirely dependent on your area what the optimal height for your structure will be, but typically it ranges from three to ten feet in height. Additionally, take note of the other properties in the neighborhood.  How high up are they located?

If you are planning to buy a property that has already been built, you should inquire with neighbors about the largest storm surge that has occurred in the area.  The existing height—will that be sufficient? Or are you going to have to jack up the house?

  1. Construct cement pilings that go all the way down to the bedrock

Even though hurricanes aren’t as common in Belize as they are in other areas like Florida or Cuba, belie is located in a region known as the hurricane belt.

When constructing your house, check that the foundation pilings go all the way down to the bedrock and that you use cement for the foundation pilings.

Wooden structures, despite their lower initial cost, have higher maintenance needs and are not as robust as metal ones.

  1. Install storm shutters or windows that are resistant to hurricanes

The acquisition of a new house is a significant investment, and you will naturally want to take measures to safeguard your property.

It is in everyone’s best interest to take the necessary precautions, whether that means installing storm shutters or constructing a new home with windows that can withstand hurricane force winds.

  1. Anything made of metal or steel

Including air conditioning units and stainless steel, will corrode over time and need to be updated more frequently than you might expect.

The primary contributor to the deterioration of materials in a seaside house is the constant exposure to the salty air.  Prepare yourself for the corrosion of everything, from the bike chain to the doorknobs to the kitchenware to the jewels in your collection.

You need to make room in your budget for more frequent maintenance (and eventually replacement) of larger goods like your golf cart (or another vehicle) and air conditioning units. You can read more about this here.  Washing goods on a regular basis and protecting them with the right stains or waxes can help reduce damage.

  1. Do not purchase any rugs

it’s fine to put in a few runner rugs, but you shouldn’t carpet the whole house. The amount of sand that makes its way inside is significantly greater than what you could have anticipated.  Be prepared to sweep on a daily basis, and this will be especially important if you have a pet that goes outside and tracks sand inside after going there.

  1. You should be prepared for more hoa fees than you had anticipated

Be prepared to pay higher hoa fees if the planned community where your new house is located is located on the beach. In a community that is not impacted by salty air, there will be a lower need for general work, repairs, and servicing than there will be in a community where environmental variables play a role.

Living on the beach is a dream come true and has its rewards, but you need to be financially aware if you want to make it work for you.  Prior to relocating to Secret Beach Belize, I had never had a property on or near the beach, and boy, did i learn a lot during the first year of having a beachfront property.  I strongly suggest that you do your studies and come prepared with certain goals in mind.

Are you considering purchasing a house on the beach in Belize? Get in touch with me, and together we can investigate the options that will fulfill your requirements in the most effective manner!

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