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Overview of the Gates of Olympus slot

  • June 28, 2022
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Overview of the Gates of Olympus slot

Imagine approaching the Gates of Olympus and finding a carved Zeus looking at you with blazing blue eyes and poised to pelt you with lightning. Ancient Greek deities were renowned for their adaptability; many believed they were endowed with similar freedoms to humans. Mortals were instructed to maintain a low profile, show the gods their utmost respect, and pray that they would not interfere with them on one of their days. But it becomes clear from reading the ancient records that even offering the right number of bulls was no assurance against turning into a linden tree.

Moving on, it is clear that many players would agree that there is a sense of unpredictability around gambling, with it sometimes being hot and other times being chilly. If so, spaces with an Ancient Greek theme are doubly deserving. Which brings us to Gates of Olympus from Pragmatic Play’s busy producer.

Although the studio might have utilized a more conventional subject, they chose to reproduce the unique pay-for-anything model. We are used to pay-all-ways, but standard signs disseminate seldom pay from any location in order to provide the precise quantity being viewed. All forms of violence are available when this job is combined with cassettes and they contribute (must be Zeus in the wind to provide).

Not only do the Greek gods and Olympus conjure up images of sweets, but this is kind of the sequel to Sweet Bonanza, a studio blockbuster due to its (allegedly) enormous size. It can; it overcomes some very impressive passages. All of these alterations, both significant and little, date back to the demo gates of olympus.

In Olympus, on a 6-reel, 5-row grid, Zeus watches from a distance, ready to strike at any second. This is a long cry from Sweet Bonanza, and the whole impression is heavier than just gazing at a pink candy world that rotates. The volatility has risen but the default RTP remains at 96.50%, earning Pragmatic Play’s highest possible rating of 5 out of 5.

Unusually, the ability has changed direction and suffered a significant setback, going from 21,100x to merely 5,000x. However, this could indicate that Pragmatic has heard the complaints about their sometimes-excessive advertising and has changed the statistics to better reflect what is really feasible.

In Olympus Gate, which is playable from 20p to £/€125 a spin on any device, you win when eight or more matching symbols land anywhere on the grid. Winning symbols are taken off the board to make room for new ones, while current ones are pushed to the bottom to fill in any gaps that may open up. The cascade mechanism will cycle as normal until no more winning symbols show up.

Five gems of various colors make up half of the nine regular payouts; the other half is made up of cups, rings, time eggs, and crowns. As a general rule, you will get a win of 12 to 50 times your wager if you manage to hit 12 or more than four high value image symbols. As you may anticipate, this kind of payment method lacks the psychologically significant wild symbol.

Features of the Gates of Olympus slot

The extra symbols display a value between 2x and 500x as they descend. At the conclusion of the cascade process, if the multiplier is present, its value is applied to the overall win. If there are several adders, the values of all of them are combined before insertion.

A payout of 3, 5, or 100 times the wager and 15 free spins are awarded when 4, 5, or 6 scatter symbols land simultaneously. Any visible extra symbols have their value added to the overall one if the free spin results in a win. It is not fixed; it may continue to be the same or increase in any direction. When three scatters appear, the game may be prolonged by up to 5 more free spins.

Another Pragmatic Play slot that accepts the Ante Bet is called Gates of Olympus. In addition to raising the stake amount by 25%, doing so doubles your chance of winning free spins by adding extra scatter symbols to the reels. In rare circumstances, a bonus buy option may be acquired for 100 times the stake.

Olympus’ Gates: Slot Judgment

Fair enough, Pragmatic Play may have elevated the action, but Gates of Olympus strikes me as being far more profound than Sweet Bonanza. It may be said that it simultaneously seems representational and feasible. Thankfully, the distinctive pay-anywhere function is still available. The random system is also fun, and it doesn’t change too frequently.

Sometimes crazy win chains flash, using a lot more grid space than is typical for a typical slot. The experience has been enhanced by Pragmatic Play by changing the earlier elements, which has resulted in the Gates of Olympus becoming a new, more difficult experience.

The rainbow bomb booster on Sweet Bonanza, which could descend from a fluffy cloud and increase the payload, was one of its best features. They were, however, restricted to free spins. They can achieve almost mythological circumstances of up to x500 in Gates of Olympus, which may significantly boost wins each time – across the board.

Naturally, the action really picks up during the free spins, and it’s a major twist that the worldwide bonus doesn’t make it better. Again, the forerunners did not carry out this action. There is a strong incentive to begin free spins since groups of 10 or more always have a fair chance of winning. It is significant to observe that Pragmatic has left behind clusters of the same sorts as previously despite the much greater capacity of the majority here.

For serious gamblers, Gates of Olympus is in many respects a much more alluring option than a pinball machine. In addition to being overpriced, the downside is also greater, and while the bigger gains are less, the actual nature enhances rather than lessens the attractiveness of the Gates of Olympus.

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