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Make Your Learning Easy With Online Tutors

  • April 30, 2022
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Make Your Learning Easy With Online Tutors

In the present scenario, online education has been considered an effective alternative to traditional classroom sessions. The education system has restructured itself to get adapted to online methods of learning using digital tools and techniques. The teachers interact with students through online platforms and guide them in their studies. Online tutor has put their sincere efforts to provide quality learning and make students capable of handling mathematical assignments simply and conveniently. The online learning apps offer audio, video, and conference facilities to help tutors conduct classes online just like live classroom sessions. The classes are conducted by expert online tutors who allow students to attend classes and get their doubts clarified by teachers through live sessions.

Importance of Online Learning Platforms

The online learning apps and websites also act as online tutors for students by providing them with the relevant study materials and helping them understand the concepts related to various topics in an easy and user-friendly manner. The online learning platforms ensure that students get the proper guidance to develop their problem-solving skills, analytical approach, and concentration power. The online tutors provide a feeling of virtual classroom sessions by adopting effective methodologies that make students more engaged and interested in learning. The students get guidance from online tutors on a variety of topics relevant to their requirements. The students are allowed to learn multiple methods of problem-solving techniques that make them confident to handle difficult assignments in school, college, or competitive examinations.

Online Tutors Benefits

One of the best parts of online classes is that it makes students enjoy learning in a relaxed and flexible manner. Apart from online sessions, there are facilities to go through the uploaded contents to get their doubts clear. The online tutors are expert mentors in their respective fields and offer advice and guidance to students to help them select suitable career paths. Cuemath online tutors in mathematics guide students in developing a strong foundation in mathematics and building analytical skills to ensure improved performance.

Bayes Theorem: A Theorem Based on Conditional Probability

Bayes’ Theorem states the possibility that one event is based on the occurrence of some other events. Bayes theorem relies upon the concepts of conditional probability. The probability of some events can be determined by this theorem depending on some events. As we are aware, the possibility of people suffering from heart disease increase with increasing age. So, if we know someone’s age and know the chances of getting heart disease, we can easily find the possibility of the person having a heart disease.

Let us understand Bayes theorem with another interesting example. We have been given a bag of balls in three different colors such as green, white, and red. It’s been instructed that you have to pick a green ball only after you pick a red ball. It is mandatory to pick green balls only after picking a red ball. This is the case of conditional probability.

Bayes Theorem Formula

P(A|B) =


A and B are events

P(A|B) = Probability of occurrence of event A given B is true.

P(B|A) = Probability of occurrence of event B given A is true.

P(A),P (B) = The independent probabilities of A and B

Bayes Theorem Statement

Let us consider S1, S2,…, Sn sets of events associated with a sample space X, where all the events S1, S2,…,Sn has a non-zero probability of occurrence and they form a partition of sample space i.e. X. Let A be an event associated with X, then according to Bayes theorem.

P(S1|A) =

For any value of k i.e.1,2,3…..n

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