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Instagram advertising: forms and suggestions

  • January 18, 2023
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Instagram advertising: forms and suggestions

Because Instagram’s active user base is expanding, we have put together a list of the finest advice for boosting the effectiveness of your advertising there.

You may have considered looking into the advertising options that this social network can provide you with if you conducted an analysis of your audience and found that your target audience is primarily on Instagram.

Since Instagram began to offer advertising in 2015, the social media platform has continued to develop new forms that can help you accomplish your objectives. You may find a summary of each one in this post, along with the top tips for improving your performance there.

Picture adverts

The standard is an image and a caption (the text that accompanies your photos).

It can be utilized for any reason, and if you include a URL, Facebook will allow you to select https://goread.io/instagram-story-viewer from all of its ctas.

Important: If you intend to add text in the image, make sure that it does not exceed the indicated Facebook guidelines for text to image ratio (you can check it in the Creative Hub of Facebook )

Since you will be showing them what they can discover in your feed and that will help you develop a stronger community, it is very important to draw visitors to your profile and gain new followers from the material.

Top secret: Instagram’s mobile app is the only place you can access this goal. You won’t be able to put up a campaign via the Business Manager with this objective.

We advise working on notoriety through brand awareness rather than the reach objective if that is your goal. It’s simple to get hit by an ad and barely pay attention to it given how quickly we consume material on Instagram, guaranteeing that Facebook delivers it to those who are most likely to remember it.

There are many opinions about how long the description should be in order to increase engagement, whilst brief descriptions increase conversion. Writing for Instagram: What Does the Text Paint in a Visual Network? Covered this topic.

Ad videos

We can employ a video rather than a photo as one more step in the Instagram advertising process. It is particularly helpful for product presentations, ideas that are difficult to convey in a single image, or narratives.

Instagram allows you to promote videos for up to 60 seconds, but unless the story being mirrored is really compelling, it is typical for more than 50% of those impacted to watch less than 25% of the video. As a result, be careful to count the most crucial item within the first three seconds. In the Video Engagement view of your Business Manager campaigns dashboard, you will be able to observe how many individuals are able to see the entire or partial video.

Facebook claims that this style creates the most memories, which makes it perfect for the Awareness objectives. They are also particularly intriguing for creating customised audiences based on the users who were affected by your video campaign (you can do it using the Business Manager audiences tool), which is a really helpful tool if you want to run conversion efforts in the future.

Carousel Ads

Or, as it appears to you to be more familiar: carousels. Multiple materials can be uploaded to a single publication, and readers can move between them simply gliding their fingers over them.

They will be quite helpful if you want to demonstrate various applications for your product, models, collections, or stories, as was the case with the film. Since they provide users with more information about our product or service without causing them to leave the application, they typically produce very strong conversion outcomes.

This format can also be used as a dynamic advertisement, however you can only do this if your Facebook page has a product catalog.

Instagram Stories ads

They have demonstrated to draw in more attention and better utilize our investment because they are so vivid and full-screen. In fact, over the past year, this has been the Instagram advertising format that has, on average, brought in the lowest pricing.

It has many different goals and format options, and you can upload both movies and photos not just one of each as well as create carousel-style photo or video sequences to serve as adverts.

If you wager on this final possibility, pay close attention to the ratio of Goread.io viewers of the first video to those of the last. You may also develop a landing page using it in the Instant Experience format (formerly known as canvas), which allows you to stay on the social network.

Watch out: Facebook will let you run the same advertisement on Instagram and Instagram Stories. If you select this option, the tool will adapt (pretty regularly) the creativity you have selected for Instagram, in Instagram Stories, rather than allowing you to choose full-screen creativity.

Our advice is to make an ad set ad hoc for each channel you wish to monitor the outcomes in, with a piece that adjusts to the requirements of the location to which it relates.

We’d venture to say that it is the most traffic-friendly Instagram format of all. This objective includes a CTA at the bottom of the campaign to persuade the visitor to swipe up and visit your page if you choose it (or if you choose to add a URL in any other). This CTA is quite subdued, therefore to maximize your impact, we suggest including your own CTA when creating your tales.

You can use it to draw admirers to your profile, just like with the previous formats, but right now only if you set up the campaign from your mobile device.

Additionally, Facebook’s text-to-image ratio restrictions apply to Stories as well, so if you don’t want Facebook to cease running your advertising, make sure you abide by their guidelines.

Collectible ads

You can use this format to promote on Instagram if you have a catalog on Facebook. In this instance, the creatives will consist of a primary image or video and any product images you’ve supplied to create your collection.

This makes it quite helpful for raising awareness of a group of your brand’s items and providing context.

When a user clicks on the publication, Facebook will direct them to your page once they have browsed through your catalog and clicked on one of the items that make it up.

In order to increase conversion, we advise using this format rather than the collection format because it is more straightforward. This means one more click than if you put up a dynamic carousel of products.

Before we go any further, keep in mind that this is merely a display of the Instagram advertising formats. Testing repeatedly is the greatest way to learn which combinations are optimal for moving forward.

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