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Impact of Clenching Fist in Boxing Gloves

  • May 28, 2022
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Impact of Clenching Fist in Boxing Gloves

Keep your hands up. You’ve probably heard this instruction once or twice in a boxing class. Keeping your hands up will protect your face, leaving you less vulnerable to getting hit. But should you also clench your gloves? When putting on your custom boxing gloves and taking them off, do you leave your fists clenched? There are advantages and disadvantages to doing so.

Clench your fist, and you might hurt your hand. Instead, open your fingers slightly so that you can move your hand more freely when you hit the bag. This will give you more power while hitting the opponent or a punching bag. 

Clenching your fist when you’re hitting a punching bag will tense up the muscles in your hand, reducing the amount of power you can generate. It’s better to keep your fist slightly open so that you can move your hand more freely and generate more power when you hit the bag. This will generate more power in your punches and allow you to hit the bag more accurately.

People who box don’t necessarily clench their fists when wearing boxing gloves. It really depends on the gloves, how tight they are fitted, and the boxer’s own preference. In well-padded boxing gloves, you’ll need to practice clenching your fist a lot so that it becomes second nature.

Some boxers keep their hands open to have the freedom to throw more punches. Other boxers prefer to keep their hands tight, with fists clenched and knuckles parallel.

Clenching Fist is Good Or Not?

Don’t clench your fists when you throw punches. Keep your fists relaxed and partially open at all times except when you punch. This will help you to maintain better balance, have better control, and throw faster and more powerful punches.

To produce maximum punching power, you should partially open your fists. If your fists are clenched tightly, you can’t use as much of your weight to generate power. 

You’ll also have trouble keeping your balance, which means more effort will be spent on stabilizing yourself instead of punching with full force. By widening your fists slightly (but still holding them tight enough that they don’t open accidentally), you can generate more power while ensuring that you stay stable during the punch

So, in order to punch with the most force, you should clench your fist and tighten your muscles just before impact. Then, once you’ve thrown the punch, you should quickly relax your muscles and return to a normal hand position.

Benefits of Clenching Fist 

Have a look at the benefits of clenching a fist in a boxing glove

  • Develop more power and precision in your punches.
  • You have a better chance of injuring your opponent.
  • You can tend to punch more accurately than other people.
  • Your hands are strengthened.
  • Give your hand-eye coordination a workout.
  • To avoid breaking your fingers, keep them curled up tight against your palm when you hit the opponent.

Disadvantages of Clenching Fist 

Following aresome of the disadvantages of clenching a fist in boxing gloves

  • Cenching your fist puts stress on your hand and can cause pain in your thumb and fingers.
  • Clenching also can put stress on your joints, leading to more pain and inflammation.
  • Clenching your hand can create a callus, making it hard to open your hand or grip something firmly.

Which Time to Clench Fist during Boxing?

When you find yourself in close range of your opponent in about, it is important to be prepared to strike by clenching your fists. This increases your power and precision, as it allows you to focus on the fight despite being confined.

When punching, it is wise to tuck your thumb below your curled fingers, as this provides a more stable base for your punch and prevents you from injuring your thumb.

If you punch with all of your fingers extended, your thumb could get jammed between your knuckles and the object you’re punching. To protect your thumb, tuck it under your fingers as you punch.

When you punch, make sure to use your whole body. Coiling up like a spring and then releasing all that energy in one quick, explosive movement is what will give you the most power. These factors also depend upon the quality of boxing gloves you are using. It’s better to go for Fight Gear Custom boxing gloves, as they have premium quality products available at their store. 

Finding the Goldilocks Zone is important to transfer your energy effectively to your opponent. If you are too loose, energy will dissipate through the gaps between your fingers. If you are too tight, you won’t be able to generate enough power. Finding that just-right balance will help you fight longer and more effectively.

When you clench your fists in boxing gloves, make sure that they are tight enough to provide support but not so tight that you lose feeling in your hands or forearms. Tucking your thumb into your palm will also help keep your fist stable and improve the power of your punches.


  • Do boxing gloves do more damage than fists?

Boxing gloves can hurt more than an ungloved fist because the force of a punch is focused on a small area when a glove is used. However, punching bare-handed produces more than twice as much force as punching with a gloved hand.

  • What does clenching your left fist do?

Brain researchers have discovered that simple actions like clenching your fist can improve memory. University of California-Riverside psychology professor Ruth Propper led a study that revealed body movements activate certain regions of the brain associated with memory recall.

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