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How to Declutter Your Garage

  • April 28, 2022
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How to Declutter Your Garage

The summer season is finally here, meaning we can bid farewell to cozy living rooms and spend more time outdoors or in your garage to work on the projects we always wanted to. If this sound familiar to you, then we have a question for you:

What does your garage look like?

If you are like most Americans, there is a great chance that the garage is the messiest place in your house.

However, don’t worry- we have your back covered.

Here are some easy tricks to declutter your garage, fix the garage doors, and optimize the garage space.

Read on to learn more:

Make a Floor Plan

Before you even set foot in your garage, you will need to devise a floor plan. In other words, you will have to look at the bigger picture and actually get work done. Instead of spending your time looking at old family albums, you will need to have a plan.

In other words, think of the garage as a warehouse, and you are the manager who is in charge of space optimization. Make a to-do list and prioritize things that need to be done, such as decluttering, cleaning, emptying out the garage, installing shelving, etc.

Get Your Family Involved

Do you know why many people dread decluttering their garage? The answer is as simple as this – they think of it as something as dreadful as running a marathon in summer. You can make things fun by getting your loved ones involved. If you have kids, then you might want to assign them different sections of the garage and give them a to-do list of their tasks.

You might also want to create a playlist and listen to it while you work. Don’t forget to throw a pizza party later – in the end, everyone deserves a good slice of pizza.

Clean the Garage

Garage organization should ideally always start with emptying the garage and then assessing the mess. Trust us; you will be amazed to see all the things you have been hoarding inside the garage, including those firecrackers from the best fireworks store.

By emptying the garage first, you will get a better look at the mess you are about to deal with. That said, you might want to keep some baskets and shelves ready at hand, so you can start categorizing the things into different sections.

The sections will be divided into the trash, keep, donate, and sell. When it comes to the garage, you can also think about organizing a yard sale or a garage sale and getting some money for the things you no longer need but might be valuable to someone else.

Prioritize the Functionality of the Garage

Once you have gotten rid of all trash, you can now start to implement the floor plan according to the functionality of the garage. That said, make sure that the things you need daily are stored at a place where you can easily retrieve them – next to the garage door or on the lower garage shelf.

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