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PMP certification is highly recognized across the world. It is known as an incredible option for project managers to develop their career further. You must know about the pass rate of the PMP exam before learning more about the questions needed to clear it. 

It is one of the most famous certifications present in the area of management. Since PMP certification offers better income than the people without certifications. If you are successful at cracking the PMP certification, it provides you with the ability to learn and communicate using the common language used in project management by various experts. 

It is also considered to be an incredible chance to develop your networking with the experts present in this field across the world. 


PMP Prerequisites


There are few prerequisites that the applicants must complete first to qualify for the exam. You must have the capability to fulfil the following conditions to take up the certification exam. 

  • A deeper understanding of the process and methods used in this field. 
  • Maintaining effective communication with the team and the stakeholders during the project. 

PMP exam is very tough to crack in comparison with other certifications. So, it is essential to thoroughly understand the information related to the exam, along with the scores, needed to clear it.


Pass Percentage of the PMP exam


You must know that the passing percentage or the pass rate of the exam is not declared by the PMI. So, there are no details regarding the passing percentage. The factors that are not revealed by the PMI are as follows:

  • The criteria of the PMP exam rate
  • Number of applicants that clear the exam at the first try
  • The questions that you can get related to the specific concepts of PMBOK®
  • The question format used in the exam

The statistics demonstrated by the popular PMP institutes can be used to make the guesses related to these areas

PMP Training New York by Sprintzeal one of the PMI recognized institute says, it has 98.3% pass percentage and all the participants have appeared first time for the exam. 


Passing Marks of PMP


With the help of psychometric analysis, the score of the PMP exam is decided as described by the PMI. Every right answer in the exam rewards a score. To pass the PMP exam, various experts on subject matter find out about the least number of questions that are needed to be answered in the examination. These experts are professionals in a project with sound knowledge about the PMP certification exam and are recognised globally. The marks that you acquire on the exam is calculated at the end to get the final marks. Your quality of performance is demonstrated by the number of questions you solve, which is stated in the report. 

In other words, there is no answer revealed for the exact score required to clear the PMP exam by PMI. However, taking up the exam without knowing the precise numbers of questions needed to clear the exam. If the difficulty level of the question is high, then the marks will be higher as well. The questions set between two applicants. Thus, the PMP marks normally differ from one applicant to another. 

It can also be stated as that the exam containing easy or simple question results in better marks as compared to the tough set of questions. In addition, the marks of each of the questions differ from each other. Therefore, guessing the precise number of questions required to crack the exam is quite impossible. 


PMP Exam Marks VSExam Format of PMP


PMP exam comes with 200 MCQs. However, 25 questions out of these are pretest. You will be scored based on 175 questions. Your final scores will not be influenced by the pretest questions. Besides, it is tough to find out which questions are pretest so you must solve all the questions seriously and equally by Sprintzeal.

You must ensure to solve every question given in the exam precisely. In addition, you can set the target of 70% and solve the practice or mock exams until you achieve your target. 

It lasts for about 4 hours without any disruptions or breaks. It begins with a tutorial and using a survey it is continued. This might take 15 minutes to finish. This time is not included in the four hours. 

It is also crucial to understand the PMBOK® guide, along with the code of ethics before taking the exam. Besides, it is important for you to understand the five process groups thoroughly. These five domains are very vital for the exam. 


PMP Exam Myths


In addition, there are numerous PMP myths regarding the clearing scores of PMP exam that stresses the applicants needlessly. The myths are as follows:

  • The clearance rate of the PMP exam is around 61%. This statement is entirely false. The clearance score is entirely based on the score that you acquire in the exam. In case you get a set containing easy questions, then your marks might be high. However, if you get a set, including tough questions, your marks might be less. Although the marks you obtain in the exam entire depends on your preparation. 
  • All the questions have the exact same weightage. It is a common myth amongst the students preparing for this exam. The scores of each question differ depending on the difficulty level. 

Therefore, focusing on precise and adequate practise can help one to get better results in the exam.

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