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Disposable Coveralls – Common Uses and Applications

  • November 30, 2021
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Disposable Coveralls – Common Uses and Applications

The demand for disposable coveralls was driven by the improvement of innovations and materials that created lightweight, and impermeable non-woven textures that were comfortable to wear and affordable. The textures are broadly utilized for disposable protective clothing or pieces of clothing like coveralls, jumpsuits, and shoe covers that shield against common workplace hazards and grime. Hooded disposable coveralls can be utilized for nonhazardous environments when workers would prefer not to get oil or grease on their garments, or they can be utilized for more hazardous applications when toxic chemicals or other dangerous substances are involved. 


For less hazardous applications, workers can pick disposable coveralls that are made of lightweight, spun-bond polypropylene that protects against dust, dirt, and particulates. The most widely recognized applications for disposable protective clothing includes cleaning, sanding, renovations, dusty conditions like food processing and factory tasks, or painting. 


Coveralls are worn over an individual’s clothing to prevent damage or staining. A few coveralls have the additional benefit of elastic closures at the wrists and ankles, while others have open wrists and ankles.


Individuals such as carpenters may choose to wear disposable coveralls or other protective clothing, to protect underlying clothing and to protect against high concentrations of wood dust. As an additional advantage, disposable coveralls can help prevent the spread of wood dust or other particulates from spreading across a worksite. 


Carpenters like protective clothing, particularly one-piece suits since they are lightweight and easy to take off (doff). They’re easy to dispose of when damaged or soiled, with the added benefit of not needing to be laundered for reuse. 


For applications like general cleaning, chemical applications, auto work, fiberglass installation, horticulture, food processing, and environmental cleanup, workers look to disposable coveralls that provide a higher level of protection against dry particulates and liquid splash or spray.


Today, different organizations have created lightweight, disposable coveralls that offer superior protection such as International Enviroguard. In circumstances where representatives are performing heavy duty cleaning and using degreasers or other comparable chemicals, disposable coveralls with a hood may work best. Using safety goggles, a hard cap, and other safety gear, the worker can work with more productivity and safety. 


In industries like food and chemical processing, petrochemical facilities, and paper processing, a higher degree of security can be found in items as International Enviroguard’s disposable protective clothing. These coveralls utilize a polyethylene-covered texture to give additional durability and protection against light liquids and chemical splash. The bright yellow color also provides enhanced visibility. The lightweight fabric resists abrasions and repels liquids such as chemicals.


Advances in disposable clothing have made it possible to provide workers with an additional layer of comfort and safety for an affordable cost. It’s worth it to invest in worker safety, comfort, and productivity by using disposable, protective coveralls.

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