December 4, 2023

Cyber Switching for Electric Charging Station Infrastructure

  • July 18, 2022
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Cyber Switching for Electric Charging Station Infrastructure

The benefits of Cyber Switching for electric charging station infrastructure are clear. Companies that install these solutions are reducing their electric bill and helping their workforce save money at the same time. The initial phase of their EV Master Controller rollout involves upgrading existing car charging infrastructure to support the new technology and installing new EV charging stations at their campuses. Cyber Switching partners will receive a fast ROI on the investment, while their employees will be happier and their electric bills will be lower, too.

EV Charging Station Infrastructure 

EV charging station infrastructure is highly vulnerable to cyber attacks because it relies on a large number of connected devices to function properly. Furthermore, these charging stations often lack third-party cybersecurity devices, which are necessary for proper protection. These vulnerabilities are also exacerbated by the rapid adoption of electric vehicles. These issues can only be solved by increasing the level of security within charging stations. To start, companies should consider the benefits of third-party cybersecurity devices.

The electric charging station infrastructure is at high risk from hacking. A malicious hacker could take over multiple charging stations at once, causing blackouts in the area. The researchers have offered recommendations to EV charger operators, such as installing strong authentication measures and implementing stricter firewalls. Further, they are working with industry partners to develop new security products and solutions for electric-charging stations. Ultimately, these vulnerabilities could have negative impacts on city services.

Best Charging Solution Is Here

Electric vehicle charging stations are increasingly common, but these stations are at a higher risk for cyberattacks than traditional charging stations. Because they are so vulnerable, hackers are increasingly targeting them. With the increased number of charging stations and a wider range of vulnerable targets, hackers are taking advantage of this growing market to steal information.

There are numerous benefits of implementing Cyber Switching for electric charging station infrastructure. Cyber Switching can also help protect EV owners from identity theft. As a result, the technology is increasingly used by many car manufacturers to provide wireless charging services to consumers. Currently, there is no standard certification for these types of charging equipment, so it is essential to ensure that all components are secure.

ClipperCreek EVMC – High Current

With the introduction of the EV Master Controller, Cyber Switching has significantly reduced the cost of electrical infrastructure for the electric vehicle industry. Because it can handle multiple high-current devices on one circuit, this product can save utility money by avoiding demand charges. Its ability to support four EVSEs simultaneously makes it the ideal choice for electric vehicle charging stations.

The EV Master Controller is designed to support up to four EVSEs in a rotational configuration and reports power usage to an energy management dashboard or third-party application. The controller provides real-time monitoring and alerts, allowing businesses to better plan and allocate their resources. The Cyber Switching EV Master Controller allows companies to multiply their existing ClipperCreek EVSEs by four without having to add additional panels or utilities.

EVMC stands for Electric Vehicle Master Controller, and it is compatible with ClipperCreek’s EVSEs, also known as charging stations. It offers substantial savings in installation and monthly utility bills for charging stations. This system is scalable, allowing up to four EVSEs on a single circuit. The system also enables billing of parking spots. By partnering with Cyber Switching, companies can add up to four EVSEs per circuit.

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