December 4, 2023

Best T-Shirt Design Advice: Five Pointers for Selecting the Ideal T-Shirt Text

  • November 27, 2022
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Best T-Shirt Design Advice: Five Pointers for Selecting the Ideal T-Shirt Text

Your phrasing could make your amusing t-shirt designs appear odd. No matter how awesome your original t shirt ideas are in your head, if your wording is improperly written, your shirts will always look amateurish. But don’t worry! By employing these 5 techniques from experienced graphic designers, you can quickly turn those amateurish custom t-shirts into flawless and polished works of t-shirt art.

Choosing the Right Font

When choosing a typeface for your t-shirt text, be sure to pick one that supports your message. Choose a typeface with a humorous tone, for example, if you’re designing a humorous t-shirt. If you’re creating a seductive t-shirt, go now a font with a sexual vibe. And if you’re creating a t-shirt for a serious, professional legal business, you probably don’t want to choose that typeface with letters in the shape of cats.

Although it might seem obvious, many wannabe t-shirt designers skip this step and use. Unfortunately, it is evident from their results, which, despite having the potential to be a humorous t-shirt design, turn out to be dull and amateurish-looking. If you take care to choose a typeface that truly portrays the content of your text, you may avoid this fate and ensure that your shirts are always one step ahead of your rivals.

Tracking and Kerning

When typeface text is typed into computer software, the spacing between the letters and words is frequently a little irregular and a little too broad. This extra and uneven spacing not only makes your material look a little awkward and unprofessional but also makes it a little harder to read because the words don’t visually stick together as units. The extra effort on the part of the eye and brain results in a subliminal feeling of unease in the viewer, even if they are not aware of it.

In most cases, the best strategy is to use tracking to get a t-shirt slogan’s entire range of letters to look somewhat good.

Word Spacing

After the letters of a t-shirt slogan have been accurately tracked and kerned, it is necessary to change the spacing between the words you can buy from Evaless. In fact, it is done exactly the same way and is basically simply kerning the spaces between words instead of letters. The procedure of adjusting word spacing is extremely similar to tracking and kerning. Word spacing is a separate step since the overall rule for suitable word spacing changes slightly.

Lead is Another Name for “Line Spacing

Another place where inexperienced t-shirt designers sometimes make mistakes is the leading, also referred to as the “gap between lines of text.” Using tiny, thin pieces of lead to create vertical space between the lines of type dates back to the invention of the printing press. Instead of sounding like a “leader” guiding people somewhere, leading is now pronounced like the metal “lead.” Of course, we do the leading now thanks to computers. Sadly, they usually handle text on t-shirts wrong.In the early 1990s, when I first started creating t-shirts, it took me eleven minutes to iron the shirts, and even then, roughly half of them still had ink on the paper. I bought a heat press since I wasn’t happy with the outcomes. A heat press is a device made especially for printing personalized t-shirts. You can select the temperature you require and press the garment for the necessary amount of seconds.


Leading is used to provide exactly the right amount of space between lines of text so that they flow together smoothly and don’t hinder one another, but not so much that it seems forced or is difficult to read.

Visually, the eye should be able to transition from one line to the next without stumbling. A t-shirt designer who starts adjusting the leading will soon learn to “feel” when it’s appropriate, even if there isn’t exactly a clear rule for how much space should be left between lines. In general, the ideal place to begin is by narrowing the space between the lines and gradually reducing the leading until it appears to be artistically balanced. When your t-shirt slogan reads simply and naturally, you’re one step closer to success.

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