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4 Safety Tips For Construction Sites That They Need To Follow

  • April 16, 2022
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4 Safety Tips For Construction Sites That They Need To Follow

Construction sites are home to multiple instances of injuries every year, and the construction industry in the United States is home to more fatal accidents and injuries than are prevalent in any other industry. Construction workers are exposed to risk from tools, machinery, hazardous materials, and heights daily, and hence construction sites should take all imperative safety measures to ensure their workers’ safety and keep potential hazards at bay. Given below are four safety tips that construction sites need to follow:

  • Strict rules regarding PPE should be enforced

Construction sites should enforce strict rules regarding PPE or Personal Protective Equipment as it acts as a line of defense in case an individual comes in contact with a health hazard on site. High visibility clothing ensures that you are visible to others even during the dark, safety boots protect your feet from damage, heavy-duty gloves protect your hands, and hard hats ensure that your skull gets all the protection it needs around heavy machinery. Depending on the nature of your construction site, you may need additional PPE equipment and workers should accordingly adhere to it.

  • Smart use of strobe and warning lights

Many construction sites are operational during the nighttime too, which calls for there to be functional strobe lights on all heavy vehicles and machinery that is used during construction. While a huge vehicle moving around the construction site is visible as it is, extra measures should be taken to ensure that everyone in the surrounding is aware of the vehicle’s presence and its movement. In addition to those, safety lights should be used by construction workers on site to communicate with other workers in strobe patterns to pass on minor messages, and amber warning lights work best in this scenario.

  • Ensure that all tools and equipment are inspected regularly

Tools and equipment are essentially how construction workers get work around the site done, and hence there must be regular checks and inspection drives to ensure that all equipment is working well. Unsafe and broken tools are a big health hazard for workers and can cause serious injuries which may also include the loss of limbs. Almost 30% of all construction site-related accidents occur due to faulty tools and equipment, and both the employee and employer should take an active part in checking the equipment.

  • Ensure fall protection on site

Fall protection is a basic guideline that all construction sites should follow as it is one of the leading causes of death on construction sites. Employers should provide all working fall protection systems for their workers whenever they are working on a surface that is at least six feet above the ground. This involves the installation of guard rails, fall arrest systems for every worker, and safety nets. Workers should also take a proactive role in ensuring their safety by familiarizing themselves with all the potential fall hazards on site. The lanyards put in place should be of a length that does not allow them to make contact with a low level in case of an unfortunate fall.

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